Thursday, March 06, 2008

Alberta -- Owned and operated by oil.

Prices are escalating in houses, store front buildings, utilities and the cost of living generally. Pensions and wages are not keeping up and the Conservatives have abandoned the average citizen.

Let the market prevail and those who can’t afford the market should move. That is the conservative way.

The result will be a segment of the population being forced to sell and move from this province leaving it to those people employed in oilfield service or the oil industry.

This government is facilitating the total take over of the province by the oil industry. It is now okay to employ people out of Mexico and abroad and put them up in hovels. Many of these people are abandoning Alberta in favor of their homes.

The fault in this case falls directly on those people who thought it not worthwhile to vote coupled with a crooked voting system. I guess it is a time to fight.

“I’ll say it a dozen times, people have to remember that the Oil Sands are owned by the people, they’re not owned by the oil companies.”- Peter Lougheed, Prime Minister of Alberta 1971-1985
John Clark
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