Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Conservatives win by steath.

The numbers are coming in. The conservatives ran this election the same way they did the last election.

Make up a bunch of outright lies to go into an election on.
Do not show up for any all candidate forums.
Hide from all people who look like they may have a question.
Have security at the door to week out potential serious questions.

With less than 50% of eligible voters turning out they managed to win a huge majority with about 24% of the eligible vote.

When I hear of seniors being mistreated I will first ask “and who did you vote for?”

When I hear of atrocities in the medical arena; who did you vote for?

When in 2009 the interest rates go through the roof and these sit on your ass and let some one else do it types loose their homes and their savings there will be no tear from me. I’ll make them an offer as is the conservative way.

John Clark
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