Friday, March 28, 2008

Alberta in the middle of the waste.

We hear of 60% of the bats dieing on the east coast of the US and in Texas. A huge boost for insects! We read that oxygen depleated "dead" spots are showing up on the west coast of Canada and the US. Oceans dying is part of the long cycle of the ice age. Over the past couple of years we have read about the bee population dying for no apparent reason, same as the bats. Then to top it off we read the southern ice cap is slipping into the ocean at a great pace.

One has to wonder what we are doing and when the chase the buck mentality is going to curb.

As if a bright spot, the Alberta Government anounces they are going to sump or bury Carbon dioxide under the coal at Sundance. This is curious to say the least. The gas has to be pumped down over 2000 feet in order to get enought pressure to hold it down there!. There are no deep strata formations around Sundance. This appears to be another PR deal by Stelmach.

An American writer repored in the Edmonton Journal that we will all perish before any real changes take place!

Then, a real bright spot! AESO are getting an award for intergrating wind power in Alberta. In effect doing much better than their peers. This should be a cause for a celebration some place.

John Clark

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