Thursday, August 09, 2007

The October Election; rednecks won't take it all!

The October election:

This will be a great shift away from the Conservative bandits. Remember they were elected this last time by just 23% of Alberta. That would be mostly the rural vote.

The multi thousands of people who have moved here from other provinces can vote and, most do not have the mentality of blindly voting as their fathers did. I predict the much celebrated Alberta bigoted, red neck, pee in the bush before your dog does; will be mellowed by more reasonable thinking.

For years, young people have been disgusted with the political system mostly because they have seen what this Government has done crooking the Rural Urban split in the vote in their favor and feel there is simply no use in voting. Instead they pull out a Green Party vote as a protest vote, not because of the platform. This plays into the hands of the Conservatives; fracturing the already delicate vote pool.

This time, one vote will make a very big difference!

If you have never voted in your life, now is the time. On the course Stelmach has outlined in the press no one except the very richest of families will be able to live in this province. Your utilities can run up to 200 percent of what you are now paying as you add in the now necessary air conditioning. It takes more electricity than does heating.

A change can be made in the direction of this province!

For those of you who live in Edmonton: The city of Edmonton owns EPCOR. Ask your councilors what they are going to do to protect you. Don’t accept the statements that they have no control over this, which is a lie.


John Clark
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