Sunday, August 26, 2007

Is there an alternative?

One question in the survey that tanked the Conservatives in the polls was “Do you think there is a viable alternative to the Conservatives?” My answer was “YES”!

Albertan’s all know the Conservatives are socially deficient, self serving and as close to organized crime as any elected body on the planet. However, it is not enough to complain. For that army of people who are ashamed by the Conservative it is time to think of the only alternative; The Liberals.

This is a group of well motivated, honest and serving people who don’t think they were born to the job.

It is time to vote for a group of people who will take the province interests to heart and look after this province as opposed to the present group who think it is their right to rip off this province at every occasion.

I will be personally attending a good number of election question and answer sessions this time.

If we don’t make the change now, there will be no recovery.

John Clark
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