Monday, August 06, 2007

Conservative platform being leaked!

Conservative candidates are told to promise changes in the royalty number if they are elected again! In preparation for this Stelmach as dropped many of our royalties below 25%.

This leaves them room to increase 1 or 2 percentage points after being elected, leaving us below the 25%

This means personal income tax will go up, city and town utilities will go up. The costs will be about 200.00 per month to the average home owner.

Considering they have told us we will be paying California prices on our gas and power it means only the oil people can afford to live in this province. I have to believe it is a Conservative plan to run every body that is making less that 100,000 a year, out of the province leaving their life dreams behind to be picked up by people associated with the oil industry.

If that is not their plan; it will end up like that never the less!

The only way to stop this crew is at the ballet box!

John Clark
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