Friday, August 03, 2007

Election call!

The Conservatives figure they have no opposition so, most are staying on to run, still again.

Points to remember:
Stelmach is making deals now to privatize our water system, still allowing obscene amounts of drinking water to go down hole to flush out oil and gas. All this use remains free.

They have shown how they plan on treating us when they do privatize the water. Same as they treat us on the oil and gas!

Moving utilities to “market value” as Stelmach has promised to do will leave us receiving the lowest royalty in the world for our resources while we as citizens of this province will pay the highest rates in the world for using gas, electricity and soon, water. The energy “market” in the west is California prices!

The Conservative organization declared their intention to export bulk water when they appeared before the Government committee on NAFTA. (Copies of that available upon request.)

Yes folks the Conservatives are facing the same game they faced in the last election over health care. Yet they quietly moved a large portion of the system into private hands under the guise of health regions. AON is still active, on Government payroll, doing what?

They have cured the tent cities by turning them into virtual prisons. This is a good thing to do in their political philosophy.

Remember that this Government as is Harpers are driven by the Fraser Institute an organization made up of retired Conservatives and Republicans who find Alberta a soft target as compared to other states in North America. Much of their membership is made up of company representatives from the USA, many who hold dual Canadian and US citizenships.

Don't forget his annoucement to turn the Heritage Savings and trust over to a private company by first turning it into a Crown Corporation then, selling the Corporation. If this was tried in most other countries they would be in Jail!

If you vote, you can change this course of events and may even be able to recover some of our losses.

John Clark
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