Friday, July 06, 2007

New RCMP head-Shades of Mulroney

Shades of Mulroney!

Conservatives by their nature and conviction have an inherent mistrust of the Government Bureaucracy and feel a direct, hands on operation by the ruling (as opposed to elected) government is the cure all for everything. Fundamental to Conservatives is the mantra that Buisiness should run the country, Government should make rules to enable this.

Following the Conservative conviction he put his ADM’s (Assistant Deputy Ministers) directly in charge of the daily workings of various departments very often shorting and/or discarding input by seasoned bureaucrats putting the Conservative stamp on the program.

William Elliott is the named commissioner. In 1989, Elliott worked as an executive assistant to the office of the deputy prime minister. One year later, he became chief of staff in the same office.

Harper has gone one better. He has put his ADM type directly in charge of the RCMP. I suspect we can look forward to hearing the RCMP pension fund is privatized as a “step forward”
By extension Harper is setting himself up in the likeness of Bush, a dictator want to be.
A harsh thought is with the Government in charge of the national police, we are in a police state wheter or not it is intended that way.

John Clark
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