Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Every body loves chocolate and its good for you?

Every body loves chocolate. Now, the German studies have shown that 6 grams of dark chocolate per day will reduce blood pressure and is being touted as a good thing. This is a nice trick in allowing you to go crazy over chocolate, this time for your good health.

Dark chocolate contains large amounts of l’arginine a nitrate. This “smoothes” out the blood vessels, relaxing them somewhat in turn, the blood pressure drops.

They don’t talk of the dark side of l’arginine! If you have a herpes virus including a cold sore and you drink chocolate milk, you will find the infection spreads rapidly with no indication of clearing up. The l’arginine in the chocolate is exciting the herpes virus!

If you have a slightly cancerous spot in your body, the l’arginine will also excite that!

Do what ever you want to do, just take a moment to know what you are doing.

John Clark
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