Monday, July 16, 2007

Further electricity gouging-Pay market price by 2010

Alberta to pay “market price” by 2010.

Ed Stelmach has said Alberta Electricity consumers will pay full market price for their electricity by 2010. That is 2 years from now! Electricity cost will increase rapidly in that period.

“Market price” is the cost of electricity in California which, is the highest in the world!

This Government has taken the single advantage Alberta had and with a total disregard of what the voters in this province want, gave away out power lines which in turn will increase in proportion to the power.

Oil concerns need the power and, any power they use at any price at all adds to the price of construction or the price of producing. So, we take a hit on both ends! I call it padding the books!

This in turn firmly slams the door on any manufacturing opportunities opening in this province and you can expect still more companies to move east to a better business climate. High Electricity, High Heating Cost, the high cost of labor, the lack of skilled workers coupled with the improved highways east bound means the Calgary warehouses are becoming redundent. Property values will depreciate.

The population is also moving east. People born and raised in this province can no longer afford to live here thanks to the extreme policies of this Government. However this is all okay with Ed Stelmach and company, it saves putting people on busses.

Many pensioners are moving east to Saskatchewan and Manitoba. This does not bode well for these provinces as the people have very low spending power and will not be able to contribute a great deal to their economy.

Fat and fast union settlements to avoid pressure at the next election are burning dollars like nothing else and, further putting the heat onto the labor market.

This, as I said, makes Ed Stelmach a happy camper.

If a government could be labeled as social psychotic, this Government would be it.

John Clark
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