Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Elecricity rebates come to an end.

The Conservatives are under the gun from the suits to speed up their privatization schemes and open up the free market doors. Chopping all power subsidies will be the next thing they will do.

In Alberta we pay for all the power lines on export and oil sands power line generation. This means that the consumers in this province pay unfairly for all aspects of their power.

The price of electricity the US is willing to pay has gone up and will continue to go up as they fall short on generation by 7000 mw over the next year or so. The Conservatives want to fill this need and have you pay for the overhead.

They have allowed the price of electricity to jump by 30% over the weekend. They have grouped the consumers of Alberta into the nebulous electrical market discounting the fact that we are paying unfairly for large portions of the costs.

Now, they are about the cancel or adjust to non existence the brief protection we had as the electrical industry strives for market prices.

Democracy Watch chided Alberta by saying at one point the province was the closest state in Canada to being free enterprise. That is they clarified the state in Canada that is most like the USA! But, they continued the rush to the US state was slowed down under the Ralph Kline era. Stelmach is after brownie points trying to pick up the pace.

Everything that is filth in politics can be found in Alberta’s Conservative Government.

John Clark
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