Monday, March 12, 2007

Politican view of teachers strike.

Quote from Tom Thurber MLA Drayton Valley, Rtd.

“Teacher strikes are the most difficult of strikes for us in Government to deal with! The teachers time the strikes’ to hit during full school days. The Parents are left trying to hire help to look after their kids, effectively hire baby sitters.

These same parents push on Government for a quick resolve, pay anything with no regards at all for what is fair or market. To them, the parents, the cost does not matter. A very larger increase will affect their taxes by a dollar a month.

Where can they hire a sitter for a dollar a month? So, the Government capitulates and pays.”

I would like to see something fresh here. The Government stands for what is right for a change and stands for the taxpayer. Leave the teachers on strike as long as it takes.

John Clark
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