Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Cost plus not good enough any more!

Old Ma ESSO is flipping her skirts again in regards to the Mackenzie Valley gas pipeline. ESSO, with the Harper Government in its pocket is after more money before starting the MacKenzie valley pipeline. Learning from the Alberta experience ESSO says "We expect double-digit returns on this kind of investment. We're not anywhere near that now." No risk, cost plus profit just isn’t good enough any more.

Gone is the plan that optimizes resources. In is the guaranteed profit for industry that is practiced in Alberta. The tar sands, the electrical generation, the electrical transmission lines and the pipelines all have profit guarantees in place, these same guarantees are guarded by the Energy Utilities Board of Alberta.

It doesn’t matter what the economy is; it doesn’t matter what you can afford to pay and it doesn’t matter what the price of that utility or service is worth elsewhere. The guarantees are in under this Government.

Many will view this item as support for the Conservatives.

John Clarkcyberclark@shaw.ca
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