Thursday, March 22, 2007

Heritage Trust Fund? Good-By!

This tired old Government is up to the same old tricks, the same old game plan; forever deadly!

Alberta eyes big earning gains up to 500 million a year reads the half story headline.

Create a new crown corporation to take care of all the revenue invested pockets in our cupboard. Namely the Alberta Heritage and Trust Fund.

The crown corporation is the first step to turning the control and management of these funds over to private industry. Look what happened to the Crown Corporation Encana.

Here’s how it will shake down.

The Edmonton based power house investment crown corporation will be set up.

Running it will be good old Mazankowski (Great West Live, Lifeco and the Power Corporation) After this crew decides a decent mount of time has passed to allow people to go back to sleep they will offer public shares that cover a portion of the new corporation. At this point it becomes partially or all private.

In the meantime the funds become an experimental slush fund for GWL and Lifeco.

What happens when this new company does not perform?

That will work the same way as the electrical network. The taxpayer will make up the profits lost.

One third of this province voted in this batch of politicians.

If you want to change anything you must get out and vote!
John Clark
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