Monday, March 12, 2007

Great power exports planned!

The AESO 10 year plan is interesting.

It shows 240 KV lines though out Alberta and a 500 KV line from Langdon (Calgary) to BC. It appears this province is planning for more export of power than we have need for our local and current use.

When new power is applied for we should be asking how much is for our use? How much of that power will be exported? Who is paying line fees on exported power?

The same plan calls for a major increase in the amount of wind power generated. Again who pays to service the export?

EPCOR tell me that a .06 kwh charge to you for power use on your utility bill will ultimately mean an additional .06 for power lines and “other costs” In other words, the cost of power is only 50% of your power bill.

John Clark
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