Wednesday, December 13, 2006

The Third Way is alive and well!

The Third Way is alive and well! The Conservatives are continuing with the original plan unchanged. Remember, the Health Act was changed to accommodate it and, it was never changed back.

Services will continue to be derogated; targeted disciplines will have hours cut; their patients told to look elsewhere. Patients on the other hand will be met with a wall of “I don’t know; it’s really bad!”

As the patients line up, a new market will open for private health care to fix. Those nurses will be offered positions working for a private firm, probably in the same building.

And, there goes your public, universal health care.

Arguably Dentistry is the shining example of private health care. Take a look at it; it is often compared to Britain who has public health care and very down scale dentistry aesthetics. The argument is private is better by this comparison. If you have not bought the personal dentistry insurance you don’t get any work done unless you pay out cash.

Because most dentistry funding comes from private health insurance companies you will note that the health insurance companies only pay a fraction of the repairs, this fraction becoming smaller as days go by. Many items are down below 50% unless you are on the executive plan.

You may also take note that companies are not rushing out to pay the extra premiums demanded to give you a 90% coverage without limitations.

Accidents are a large part of dentistry expense. The Conservatives are again protecting the insurance companies, their private partners, by putting limits on personal damages. An auto accident could easily cause more than 4000 dollars in dental damage alone!

Your health care is changing now!

If you know of specific instances please contact me. Perhaps I can offer you another way? Perhaps together we can slow this thing down until we get a decent government elected.

John Clark
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