Tuesday, December 26, 2006

An election agenda put out over the holidays.

The Government in power has the advantage in an election if they can set the agenda for that election. The opposition parties will try very hard to wrestle the agenda away from the Government party.

You will notice that Mr. Harper who is in trouble on a number of fronts is beating the drums trying to set the agenda on the Canadian presence in Afghanistan.

He feels he can push all his problems to the back burner at election time, far behind our action in Afghanistan. He obviously sees this as his best bet in getting elected again. As his second or backup plan for the agenda his has chosen the tired and weary elected senate debates.

It seems that Jack Layton wants to jump in to Afghanistan which is just dumb in my view. It will be curious to see what the opposition parties settle on for their best case.

You can charge off any political comment over the next months as being election posturing; of little real substance to you and I.

John Clark
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