Friday, December 08, 2006

Oil Sands off shoring under attack. Oil Hardly a new thing!

Oil sands off shoring under attack. Hardly a new thing!

Consider on top of this Encana shipping Alberta Crude to Chicago for refining. What is required is a Government who will turn the oil industry around to a point it is working for Albertans and Canadians! The Conservatives are not up to the task.

How it works:
The oil company partners up with the transportation company and may even start a new transportation company to adequately cover transactions and avoid huge amounts of taxes plus, buying the goods at rock bottom dollars out of a slave market.

Case in point the transportation company will buy a new boat and all new barges from a place like Korea who may or may not build the units. Then, they buy their component parts, oil rigs, pipe and cable from the same area.

The new parts and pipe which would have been built in Canada are then sailed across the ocean, around the North Slope into the Mackenzie Delta. Probably Tuktoyaktuk Harbor.

Gone are the boat building industries, the transporation industries, the development of our trade skills and the subsequent revenue and taxes.

In another age, a company called Yellowknife Transportation Company Ltd (YTCL) sailed the Arctic looking after Dew and Cam sites. NTCL was operating the Athabasca run with a fleet of house barges. The managers of YT company were busted when they moved a huge bunch of stolen US property off the early warning lines around the slope into Vancouver where the boats were seized by Canadian authorities.

At this point, YTCL was taken over by NTCL then, a crown corporation.

How times have changed. This was worthy of an ENRON movie!

I expect Harper will sleep through this one, its every thing he hopes for in his Globalization program. When he’s out of tax money he will be after you and I.

And, yes Frank, I'm on your case.

John Clark
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