Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Health Care de listing program at work.

The Conservatives are screwing with the health care again! Remember they destabilize the system through budget and offer a cure through privatization.

In this case a Dietician working in an Edmonton hospital was rated as a .8. That means she is employed at that hospital 8/10s of a day.

With no explanation she was cut to a .4 or 4/10s of her time is paid. Patients now are forced to see a new doctor (if they can find one) and get a new referral to a new dietician if one happens to be available.

Usually the Conservatives have this planned so that the well is empty at the referral leaving you only the choice of paying for your own services at a private clinic.

Calgary health system did a large work up on programs to be de-listed from Alberta Health care. This is one example.

This is the delisting of health care program in action.

John Clark
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