Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Oil royality review a promise!!

Mark Norris
clearly the best chance to save industry in Alberta. Industries other than oil related are suffering to a point of extinction in Alberta. Mark Norris was first off the spot to publicly acknowledge this. Mark Norris was also was the first to offer to do something about our disastrous oil royalty programs.

In this turmoil remember. If the royalties were doubled, they would still be the lowest in the world and this doubling would return 10 times more to provincial coffers than the present rates. The oil stock would still be the best performing stock. Personally I think doubling is not enough!

Your life times are going to past before you have another opportunity to vote specifically for a premier! Time to get your conservative membership and help shape your future.

Quote from Email from Mark Norris.

Hi John.

‘ Was the first candidate on record to call for a complete review of the Oilsands Tax Regime and am committed to doing so.

All the economics of the original deal have changed, time to review.

Many of my comments can be found on our website under “news”

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