Monday, November 27, 2006

Feds put the CPP at risk!

I told the world you could count on the Harper crew to practice every kind of political theft and mayhem invented. Crooks, thieve and liars; the works! Religious fundamentalists and goose stepping right wing bandits.

In their latest charade Jim Flaherty literally stole the Canada Pension Fund!

He has put the assets of the CPP (Owned by all provinces except Quebec who has their own plan) up against a 480 billion dollar federal debt. He still has to pay 30 billion dollars a year interest payments on the funds. And, he as put the CPP at risk!

Fiscal Skullduggery

The conservatives have long been trying to do away with the CPP. Ted Morton of Alberta and the Fraser Institute have long been toying with how to do this. I say to you, this is the first step!

These crooks are after the political control of the CPP. It’s time to fight them, now!

Beneficiaries and their families should protest a possible move of CPP pensions back into political control.
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