Sunday, November 12, 2006

Nuclear power in Alberta?

I have been asked to weigh in on the debate of Nuclear power as applied in the Tar Sands scenario.

I think it is a great idea that deserves more study.

Understand first, any tar sands resources such as water and heat used is coming directly from taxpayer pockets!

Either the oil companies move it into their cost of start up (Royalties paid at 1% of gross production sales)

Or, 5% of the net production after all costs of the start up and on going daily costs have been deducted. Yes, you are correct both percentages are pretty much the same number of 1%

Now, consider we are quickly running out of natural gas in this province and the oil companies get first crack at what ever is remaining. For this reason the push was put onto developing the Arctic gas supplies for use in the “south”.

The information I have is suggesting there will be no Arctic gas to come south! The gas will only get as far as the Tar Sands projects. If they take all that gas, we will be switching from Natural Gas to Oil for heat in this province.

Perhaps now is a good time to switch rather than switch later?

One sure way to slow the inevitable would be to put in a nuclear generation plant in the tar sands. It would have to be sufficiently large, in the realm of 4 times our present electrical system just to keep up with Tar Sands demand.

Yes, the price of this facility like the price of the gas and the drain of our water will come out of the taxpayer pocket or cup as the case may be.

I see the very expensive nuclear power as being the only reasonable course to take as renewable energy..

John Clark
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