Thursday, November 16, 2006

Conservative celebration a farce!

Ralph’s tribute is over cooked.

He saved us from the debt? Such crap! The Conservatives deliberately drove us into debt in order to debilitate services and the infrastructure so the stage would be set for privatization, in their minds the only thing that will save us.

Part of this debt was because of their subsidies and hand outs to friends and business interests and the direct give away of infrastructure such as parks of which they had previously put millions of dollars into.

Their construction offers for capital projects are run at a cost plus 10 or 15 percent. There are no bids; no police and no effort to keep the costs down through a proper bid process.

Not only did they run us into debt they spent the Heritage Trust fund and shorted pension funds. Some of the screw ups we are still paying for, like Swan Hills at 600 million a year.

This collection of conservatives has all but debilitated this province.

If any of you find this confusing, just remember that this is the crew that took us into such drastic debt!

Huge spending for infrastructure when the prices are the highest is another way of showing you how much government projects cost. Don’t forget they are trying to get elected again and, when and if that happens, the shoe is going to fall and we as individuals in this province will experience huge financial pain because there is no secondary industry in this province, no diversification.

No more celebrating please! Look at the history and bury them.

John Clark
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