Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Water fix in one segment being looked at

Farmers are said to be the original environmentalists and, I don’t disagree. There was however some false starts as farmers generally built their stock yards next to the water supply. The water supply in the form of creeks and springs are generally open sources to the water table or aquifer. Remember Wakerton Ontario?

The Alberta Government has started a program to evaluate where stock yards are in relation to the water table and what are the chances of the migration of bacteria from the stock yard into the water table.

They will advise the farmers where to move their stock compounds to where necessary and, pay for the re-location.

Rural folks with problems in this area should be contacting the Government!

With closer scrutiny on gravel operations (they actually open the water aquifer) and a hard ball set of rules for oil sumps we may yet get a handle on our water. Perhaps we can get a program going for re-cementing oil wells where the plugs are deteriorating. This, while we still have oil companies to pay for the repair.

John Clark
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