Thursday, September 07, 2006

Time to contact the PM friends. If we are going to change the senate and, I’m sure we all agree it needs changing; we should incorporate the rule that people holding dual citizenship (such as Alberta’s Senator elect who holds dual Canadian and US citizenship) should not be allowed into office.

We speak of too much US interference in Canadian matters, let’s make an effort to cut it off at the knees!

Prime Minister Harper urges action on Senate reform

September 7, 2006Ottawa, Ontario In an unprecedented appearance today before a Senate Committee today, Prime Minister Stephen Harper urged Senators to join Canada's New Government in bringing long overdue reform to their institution."The Government is not looking for another report. We are seeking action. Action that responds to the commitments we made to Canadians during the recent federal election." said the Prime Minister. "The Senate is changing, and we will be the ones to make it happen.”The Government introduced Bill S-4, An Act to amend the Constitution Act, 1867 (Senate Tenure) in the Senate on May 30, 2006. It proposes to limit senate terms to eight years for new Senators. Prime Minister Harper urged Senators to pass S-4.The Prime Minister also informed Senators that the Government will introduce a bill this autumn to create a process to choose elected Senators. “This bill will further demonstrate how seriously the Government takes the issue of Senate reform,” said the Prime Minister. “And to Canadians, it will further signal that the Senate is changing.” The Prime Minister’s Office - Communications[Note: You are receiving this e-mail for information only, and because you have subscribed to our distribution list.
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