Thursday, September 14, 2006

Dinning needs to answer some questions.

Mr. Jim Dinning has held executive positions with both Trans-Alta Utilities (who dropped out of the Calgary-Edmonton power line bid) and for ATCO Industries who is waiting to pick that item up.

In both of these companies he would have received stock options and stock as part of his package; this is simply the way these things are done. Mr. Dinning is also the owner of a Old Age Home in Calgary as well as some medical companies.

How will Mr. Dinning separate himself from these companies should on the long shot, he become premier?

There will be much conversation about “Blind Trusts” but, I ask, what good will a blind trust do the taxpayer and, what is a blind trust when the person knows exactly what he has involved?

Further, how can an executive of a Government exempt himself from decisions on major programs of privatization such as Mr. Dinning has planned?

There are questions the conservatives should be asking Mr. Dinning that are not being asked.

John Clark
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