Saturday, September 16, 2006

Difference between Liberals and Conservatives?

The Hon. Stéphane Dion, one of the leaders in the Federal Liberal campaign was very candid on TV yesterday. He said “We will do what they do in California; we will do what they do in Australia” and, a few more we will do points.

This is about Globalization. Australia has turned its health care over to private industry entirely and no one in Australia that depends on this service is happy with it. The larger US insurance companies have literally taken over the Auzzie health care! Just as they are finding their way into Canadian Health care.

California was first on board with Globalization. Having no social structure at all, they found it comfortable.

Mr. Martin told us Globalization was good for Canada. Mr. Martin was going head long into privatized health care.

Mr. Dion is simply telling us the way it is going to be under the Liberals. Not much different than the PCs as I read it.

Because provincial parties follow the Feds in most cases, it is time to ask your provincial parties where they stand on some of these issues rather than let them ride the wave of discontent to a cheap win.

John Clark
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