Thursday, April 23, 2015

The Alberta Political Debate

Rachel Notley took the show!   Prentice who was obviously afraid of her directed the majority of his attention towards here hoping to trip her up.

Unwittingly his challenges landed squarely into her strong suits. As she was fully prepared for the debate that was all the questions.

Prentice was obviously under a great deal of pressure simply because of her presence!

Brian Jean on the other hand only had one line he kept reiterating as if we didn't catch it the first time around.  "The Wild Rose is the only party that is not going to increase your taxes"  He would not enlarge on this.  Why?

Because his whole campaign is based on doing away withe the transfer payments to Ottawa.  To do this takes the agreement of at least 5 other provinces and is the basis of what is Canada.  He couldn't go on TV with this hair brained position that appeals only to the very lowest IQs in the country.

Likewise when he was challenged on Health Care, he gave a round answer of making it better somehow.  His somehow is the total privatization of health care.  In his Republican mind that is much better. Something else he couldn't say on national TV.

David Swan shows as a very brave individual.  I quite admire him.  He got out front the problems and the cures for this province but did not get the challenges for him to expand on.  Because they have not got a full slate (I think its about 13 people running) its hard to take them seriously.

Harper is meddling as only he can do.  As you know the CBC is working under Harper's thumb, very closely monitored.   The CBC took over Twitter with a very negative Notley running commentary.  So, if you see comment on Twitter from +@CBC disregard it.  They are all Harper's people trashing Notley.

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