Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Carbon penalty placed on oil companies - explained.

It came to my attention yesterday the Oil Sands in Alberta pay a 15% carbon tax. This started when the Government quit collecting royalty.  So as with everything else the Carbon Tax is directly out of the pockets of the taxpayer in Alberta and oil can still claim they pay a carbon tax! 

Our current election offers only 2 choices! 

On one side we have the Conservatives and the Wild Rose Party. The latter endorses every thing the Conservatives have put up plus they have a cut cut cut list that they feel will balance books to hell with the human toll. 

Both of these parties want to Continue with the Privatization of health care and the continued thrust towards private schools eventually all but eliminating the public school system!

On the other side we have the NDP who recognizing their game plan has come forward with a platform to roll back cuts to education and health care and added a few gems of their own on top of this. 

Their tax program hits only the very highest earners low income and small and medium business are not touched by increases. 

Their banner reads: 
Improved public health care (not the status-quo) 

Accessible, affordable education. (Private schools presently get lions share and there is no post graduate support) 

Affordable, safe seniors care. (Alberta has had a crush of mistreatment in the totally private care hospice that is only slightly government funded.  No cash brings on a DNR tag on the back of your chair and relatives must give 2 days notice to get an appointment for a visit. Makes you wonder! 

Full value for our natural resources. Alberta has been hedging our crude conventional and oil sands by 30% for the past 15 years. The closer we get to market the better off our producers are yet, the worry about the taxes rather than the income.

End to big Corp tax breaks.

There are a great many reasons to support and vote for the Alberta NDP!  This is just a few. Join with me.
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