Friday, April 24, 2015

Going Green for Alberta’s economy | Devon Dispatch

Going Green for Alberta’s economy | Devon DispatchThere are a lot of disconnects in her thinking. The Heritage Trust fund was taken down by more than 700 billion dollars at time when royalty was at 34%. The Conservatives froze the fund at 5% profit taking all above and putting it into General Revenues where it was used as taxes the oil companies being the biggest winners. Our royalty is now zero% having been taken and given to the oil companies directly so they in turn can pay a 15% carbon tax. Prentice says the problem is 2 years long. That's BS we have lost all of our customers! The oil industry is building 1.8 million barrels of storage in Alberta now; that's pessimism!

Also, the Conservatives have been discounting (hedging) our oil for the past 15 years at 30% which has cost the producers and province trillions is shorted revenue! This is the money Notley accused Prentice of sending to the US and she is correct. Price differences would be picked up at the Gulf.
You probably watched the debate last night. Here's the players:
Brian Jean stuck to his one line answer “Wild Rose Will not
raise your Taxes” he wouldn't respond to Prentice’s question on how he would handle the 1.8 billion deficit (A scare monger question by Prentice) but, Jean could hardly go on national TV saying his plans are totally centered on doing away with the transfer payments. He would also have to tell the world he does not have the 5 provinces on side that would allow him to pull this off!
Jean was raised a Republican. A Conservative MP was a step down
for him in his mind. His fix for health care? Send the patients out of
province. When the bills get high enough and that won’t take long, tell the electorate its time for private insurance. Some hospitals designated public paid for hospitals, that is people have the insurance or they can mortgage their homes to cover their stay. Or as it is in Republican US the Indigenous hospitals that may or may not get their hedges trimmed and a paint job for those people who don’t have a home to mortgage. Yup! That’s sure a fix. Hard for him to go on National TV with that too.
One person who deserves a big Kudos is David Swan. He got his
point out and they were good points He was focused but sidelined as was Jean. Unfortunately the Alberta Liberals only have I think 13 members running. they have had a difficult time but that should not detract from David Swan who was very brave in the face of lots of adversity. The Liberal party problems started with Kevin Taft who has to wear the roses for that.
Rachel Notley was well prepared for the debate and because
Prentice was scared to death of her she got the bulk of his questions while he ignored the other two. His questions were made up of half-truths and outright lies in some cases. Notley had to first rephrase his question to something near the truth and in context then answer it which caused her to run over her time a few times. But that is forgiven because of the way the questions came at her
from Prentice.
I can easily visualize Rachel Notley as the head of an NDP Majority Government in this province.
I don't know where the Green fit into all this. Mae was forever looking for a cause to back and settled for folksy bake sales in her back yard. Might I suggest you campaign for a winning party? The NDP in Alberta?
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