Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Harper Government's International Behavior

I would like to simply make a comment on your enclosure on the Harper Government’s international behavior.

You will recall that the war in Libya was a NATO war that was not led by the USA; it was led by Canada and its political and military establishment. During that war, Mr. Harper and the Department of National Defence determined it would be an “air war”, and Khadafy’s police state was to be destroyed.  Since there was no planning or follow-up by the Harper Government and National Defence, large quantities of weapons, ammunition, and other war materials unlocked by the Canadian bombing, was freed up for use by Islamist terrorists. They promptly moved much of this war materiel to Syria where they began terrorizing local civilian Arab populations with mass murder, beheadings, and other barbarous acts.

Now we see the Harper Government planning attacks against their former terrorist allies in Libya, including Al Qaeda and ISIS.

Today, Turkey, a NATO ally, is awaiting some kind of “strategic co-ordination” regarding the humanitarian situation, the Harper Government is deploying more war planes to Kuwait, while at home, Mr. Harper’s appointee to the RCMP is asking for more arbitrary powers over “terrorists” even going so far as to opine his view that “radicalization” is not the same as “mental illness”.  A decade of federal and provincial neglect of mental health, including this current new dimension, is now being glossed over as “something new” - the “lone terrorist”.

It seems to me that our real problem is inept and incompetent government that have appointed inept and incompetent senior civil servants that are cutting all kinds of corners and are using Big Lies to cover up their own gross mistakes, such as the current crisis where Canadian military and political leadership has armed ISIS and where it has now metastasized throughout the Middle East.

Am I alone in this view? I would like to hear from anyone who has an opinion on these issues.

Joe Green P.Eng. M.Eng.
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