Tuesday, November 04, 2014

RCMP ordered to check out Redford's actions. All BS!

While it is true the RCMP can only check the Alberta Government if asked to do so by the Attorney General, I have only put this fact forward across the net recently.

Coupled with  a post I made on the "Globe and Mail about AIMCO and their role in financing the make work program for the illegals in the oil patch will probably put a run on accounts held in AIMCO; or at least it should.  I noticed Aimco on a sales trip east a couple weeks ago.They won't have enough cash in AIMCO to pay anyone back that wants out!

The Conservatives got out in front with story on them going after Redford.
First off; anything that Redford did as minister is out of reach for the RCMP and, if they did find some grey areas only the Attorney General can say proceed with charges or not.

Another thing that this BS investigation served is to get the Conservatives on the side of the newspaper you don't wipe with!  They are down and out and have lied time again trying to make some kind of a bent recovery.  Redford's purge was to have carried them to the next election.  Instead the public seen though it and it lasted only about 2 weeks and the fall out was against the Conservatives not for them!.

They have stolen more than a trillion dollars from this province.  There simply no way of explaining that!

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