Monday, October 20, 2014

DK Ford Leduc and Ford Motor's phantom private market place.

DK Ford Leduc and Ford Motor Company have what may be the best organized scam going in the car business.   Some unnamed identity collects suitable cars for resale.  These can possibly be from flooded areas but most likely out of province where they have been run on gravel.

Then an auction is held, Ford dealer membership only and the collection of cars are sold to the likes of DK Ford and others.

While in the hands of this unnamed centralization some detailing is obviously done but there is no accountability.

In my case a very low KM Ford I purchased had a crack develop from the middle of the windshield moving upwards from below the 2" bottom moulding.

Cracks like this happen when an installer puts a window in that has a chip or nick on the edge of the glass.  That nick will produce a vertical crack if it is on the bottom or horizontal crack if it is on one edge or the other.

When taken back to DK for service replacement it was noticed a tiny rock chip 10 inches from the bottom of the glass centered on the crack that had started from below.  Nope! Can't help you was their response.

What this means is in their (Ford Dealers) centralization they can buy and insert culled windows; windows which have noticed to have a chip on the edge not suitable for direct sales seems to be okay to install in unsuspecting used car buyer vehicles.

The after the fact rock chip had nothing to do with anything that was the problem.  If choices were mine we would not have been dealing at DK Ford or Ford motor company for that matter.

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