Friday, May 16, 2014

Canada Immigration Conservative style.

Kenny is making noises about the foreign workers in the fast food industry.  They are a "soft" target for him.  It allows him big noise in the newspapers but no risk politically.  He is misleading the public by pushing the headline "

Ottawa ponders tougher measures concerning temporary foreign workers

Which, is not the truth.  He is only after the one industry.

The Conservatives fouled the nest; now a weak attempt at cleaning it out. Alberta was busted on the net for having illegal immigrants as a majority of workers in the oil patch.
Harper/Kenny jumped in with new immigration laws. Any one with a job in Alberta could apply for and get a citizenship immediately with no background checks; no vetting; nothing! Alberta set up offices for immigration lawyers to pump the people thought the gate!
Meanwhile McMurray was troubled with what was named the Russian Mob in drug trafficking and the police couldn't get on top of it. Now, these same people hold Canadian citizenships and because there is no vetting there is no basis to deport them! What a mess!
The rules couldn't be made for Alberta only so they applied across Canada.
They went a mile further; any prospective employer could vouch for an immigrant to get them into the country and receive a citizenship when they arrived. Again; no vetting. To enhance the citizenship service applications were made available at airports so immigrants going to perspective job interviews could take a copy with them so the "new" employer could sign them into Canada.
No matter the amount of tinkering the Conservatives do the system will now not respond! They broke it. Watch the crime statistics climb!

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