Thursday, May 15, 2014

Alberta Lawn and yard care.

I had a fair number of false promises and extremely high prices on a yard service at my home.  Then, thanks to Google I lucked into Dr. Green Services!.

We have entered into a season's contract for a 6 part program which includes power rake, aeration, fertilizer treatments (2 or 3 depending on needs) weed treatment and last but not least a bug treatment.  Get those little critters before they grow up and bite!

Dr. Green's crew are honest, accurate in their estimates and a wonder at giving notice about when they are going to show up which by itself is a stand alone quality.

If you are tired of the hassles involved in this industry I can fully recommend Dr. Green Services.  Contact information below.

Have a great  summer and contact:

Gary Ball
Sr. Sales Representative
Dr. Green Services

Say Hi! For me.
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