Sunday, June 08, 2014

Rising Power Prices in our future-Why?

AESO put out a Map for a billion dollar HVDC power line into Mc Murray. This will be paid for by all rate payers in the province. The purpose of the line is to supply some power to the Tar Sands Consortium but especially to provide a high volume line for Electricity Export into the US and Canadian Market place. If the oil sands were to pay for their own power lines there would be little increases.

The New DC transmission uses larger diameter lines.This is because DC travels on the out side of the line while AC travels on inside. Both AC and DC can use the same lines simultaneously which means the old lines are anything but redundant.

The producers are looking at 25% or more profits by shipping DC. So under the Conservative Government we have one section, the producers collecting all the profits and on the other hand the power line people charging us for the construction!

Get a life folks! Get rid of the dam Conservatives which includes the Wild Rose! The latter recently is looking for increases in the water allotments on the St. Mary's system. This, with the knowledge the St. Mary's glacier is dwindling much faster than anticipated. The WRP are following the Conservative greed platform. We are going to loose it; get ahead of every one now and rip off what we can.

The Alberta Liberals have solid well thought out policies and plans. Raj Sherman knows exactly what to change to get this province on track again!

We speak often of Norway's big bank roll and Alberta with zero. Norway has one of the highest educated groups in Europe while the Conservatives make it a full time job to dumb down our education system! Norwegians turn out a 70% vote in every election where Alberta is stretching to turn out 20% Norwegians keep their Governments honest!

Romania is complaining the have the lowest royalty in the world! 13% They didn't know that Alberta discounts all of our petroleum products 30% on the sales and charge 0% for royalty.

Alberta Liberals is the only chance you have of fixing this province!
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