Friday, March 07, 2014

Alberta Budget 2013 Lining up the Lies.

First off: Alberta is grossly overproducing petroleum.  No markets, no delivery system and and still in a panic to get more oil out of the ground.  They are setting up for the election, now around the corner where they will roll out their usual "Jobs, Jobs, Jobs" platform and not show up at any of the inter party debates.

Companies leading up to the election will put out a rash of job advertisements and when you apply you will be told to wait for one reason or another.  After the election the adds will be pulled and the positions will be said to be filled.

How to I know this?  It is exactly what they have done the past 2 elections.

They have pulled 700 billion dollars from the Heritage Savings and Trust Fund, now they are trying to legitimize their actions by setting up a savings account inside the Heritage fund and pull another 5 billion out of the fund.  This is where your "rainy day" money comes from.

They stole 7 billion plus from the union pensions held by AIMCo.  I sure wouldn't want AIMCo to  have any of my coin in their control!  This was straight theft!  The Government had no intention of paying any of it back and called it a loss due to bad investment.

The Unions threatened court; this would expose AIMCo on a grande scale for that they actually are!

New clinics on the horizon?   This Government is searching for foreign health organizations to invest in Alberta to build and staff the same clinics.   We are on a very slippery slope!

The press, not the people are pushing the bunch of nutters in the Wild Rose Party.

The province is essentially broke as is Canada.   Fatherly declared a surplus budget using the same bastardized accounting that Albert a is using.   There hasn't been a Conservative Government in history that has produced a surplus with the one exception of Saskatchewan. 

Why are we so broke?  Because when Klein took over our royalty collected as 34% and when he left office it was 16% and is now 00%

The Conservatives are running a US Republican program and the US has rejected them 3 times now.

Rem Total Summary of PNWER Alberta hosted the last meeting in Banff at taxpayer expense.
Here's where your money went to:

We talk a lot about the luxury and gold in Norway's oil and their saved billions upon billions. The difference between Alberta and Norway?  Easy!  70% of Norway's population turn out for a vote!  By doing so they keep their Government honest!

Alberta turns out 21% of its population, seldom more.  We encourage thievery lies and cheating simply by not bothering to vote!

The Wild Rose's campaigns were run by retired Tory Ministers working as consultants in the oil patch.  Really!  Do you think you will get any different from them than you are getting now?  Give your head a shake!

The Alberta Liberals have identified every problem going by and have offered up business solutions to each problem!   Spend some time on their site!  The Liberals represent the only single chance for a progressive change in Alberta!   Vote!

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