Monday, March 17, 2014

Alberta Politics

It has been common knowledge that Redford was/is probably the most hated Preimer in Conservative Governments.  Unfriendly is an under statement; overtly short of people skills would be closer to the truth.

Her lies and deceit have finally caught up to her.  Her caucus is bailing which is very significant for a number of reasons the most being they are sitting as independents trying to catch the eye of Danielle Smith, herself no better than Redford.

These people are still after the golden ring.  They would join the NDP if they happened to be in opposition.  They are opportunists of the worst kind.

And, there will be more to come!

The Conservatives just gave Redford a majority vote on her leadership.  It is against Conservative law to force her to resign.  Fact is; they cannot do that!.

Your wild rose party is really ugly by comparisons They are supported by the LDS church in Alberta just as the LDS church supports the Republicans in the US.   By supporting these crass right wing movements they can look forward to social program being cut, schools privatized and Medicare done away with.

If people need help they LDS church will assist them, first you have to join.  They have built up the worlds largest private aid organization and to their credit have boots on the ground long before any other support group Government or private.

Alberta's political land scape is run or largely influenced directly by oil!  Witness the oil in the planning of your kids education!.

If you want a change that will protect your jobs and salvage something of this province for the people the Alberta Liberals is the only real choice you have!

We speak often of Norway's accumulation of gold from resources and their high standard of living along with their educated population.   Compare this to Alberta being broke, robbing pension funds and cutting funding for senior care and there is a difference alight.

The reason for this difference is this:  Norway turns out 70% of its population to vote every time.  They keep their Government honest!  Alberta on the other hand turns out 21%.  The other thing is Norway doesn't vote in Conservatives!

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