Sunday, April 15, 2012

Alberta Election 2012

If Alberta chooses a Liberal Government this time around it will completely derail Harper's dreams of empire and chances are we can get back to normal politics rather quickly.

Tar sands projects are nearly paid for.  We are entitled to 25% royalty.  If  we vote in the WRP or Cons we will see no part of that royalty! Both parties are funded by oil and oil doesn't care which one wins.

Here are the remarkable Liberal platform effects if we put them in. 
On the Environment:
A proper, honest evaluation of the political worth of an environmental fight in the middle of an election is a lost cause!  While saying this (more or less) they quickly acknowledge we must do something meaningful or risk losing our industry!
That is as honest and pragmatic view as I have seen in the election comments!

On Capping Electrical Rates Charged:
Sherman says he will cap electrical rates charged!  When our utilities were turned over to the cities, Electricity in particular, it was the start of indirect taxation by this Government  . This is the one single thing that killed Alberta's attempts to diversify industry! 

In hind sight would say it was part of the plan to channel workers into the oil industry away from other opportunities which falls in line with their education butchery of the same time.

Our electrical resource was the cornerstone of Alberta's success, the so called "Alberta Advantage" When it was turned into an alternate tax source for cities, (Indirect Taxation) other industries left Alberta in droves! Most to Ontario but some to Minnesota. Gone!
A stable priced system would court new industry!

Do away with Health Authorities and go back to Regional Boards.
Raj moving away from that monstrosity the Health Authority is an exciting concept and very meaningful!

This health authority can sell any hospital or equity in their control for any amount of money  without checking with the legislature or getting further approval!  This is the cornerstone to the Conservative/WRP privatization goal!  Redford's promise for 130 clinics is hollow; built with taxpayer money they will be handed off to private industry at pennies on the dollar of value.  Likewise, new hospitals built.  This is exactly what they have done in the past.

We pay this monstrosity more in just severance packages that we paid to all the regional health boards in total. This also serves to drive up healthcare costs to make a so called too expensive program easier to sell.
 and (On the left side of the page search "Health Care" for some interesting reading)
The point is the Health Authorities own outright the hospitals. And, they were owned by the hospital boards prior to this.

The door is open, the stage is set to sell off our hospitals to private industry for any price they choose. They answer to no one!

If you vote in either the WRP or the Cons you are putting yourself on a very slippery slope! Both parties and the Federal Conservatives are all hooked solidly to the US Republican Party here:
and with the Fraser Institute (Harper was their poster boy) who have more American Republican Members than Canadian.

Add to this the WRP ongoing support for the Alberta Firewall and all the existing  legislation which is all written with the condition the Government cannot beheld responsible for anything and we have a real mess!

Albertans stuck on Conservative or WRP have no grasp of the danger they are putting their families in! You cannot keep voting WRP/conservative time and again and expect different outcomes than what we have.

Things are not good in Alberta! We are in crisis!

I continue to support the Liberal party; for very good reason!
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