Saturday, April 21, 2012

Alberta Election 2012 - 11th hour.

Alberta is the pinnacle of Harper's  and the US Republicans rush to Empire!  Harper and the 5 western premiers have made a club in the USA to keep away from prying eyes

Forever backed by the Fraser Institute, a Right Wing "think tank" that has more US Republican members than Canadians of whom Harper was their poster boy prior to his first term in office, they feel the fix is in.

On a startling recovery in Alberta, the Alberta Liberals, themselves right wing have changed the political landscape showing Albertans a list of actual wins against the Conservatives years of cuts and moral disasters all warped out of shape  in the name of private industry.

Raj Sherman, a physician and surgeon in Alberta has thrown down the gauntlet to the cult following the Conservatives have built up through years of tailored lies and misdirection’s.

He states they will do away with the Alberta Medial Authority which grew out of the Capital Health Authority, a US company better suited to managing HMOs. 

The Authority is the cornerstone of privatization and installing a US health care system in Alberta.  This same Authority owns outright the hospitals and all the equipment in and associated with Health care in Alberta.

They can sell outright, for any price they choose to any person or parties they choose without public disclosure and without checking with the Legislature.  The latter in place to present an Arm's Length scenario for the politicians which we know is simply not true.

If Alberta steps up to the plate and chooses to protect their kids futures and salvage something of their inheritance by voting in the Alberta Liberals, it will put the kill on Health Care change in Canada in the foreseeable future and totally dismantle Harper's dreams of empire.

Whether or not Alberta people can overcome the ongoing lies of the past and the present and do something for their families and their province remains to be seen.

If the do put in a Liberal Government for just 1 session the people of this province would not allow another conservative government in, in our lifetime!

The Conservatives and Wild Rose are in total agreement and on side with the Oil Companies in their move that put more Illegal Americans working in Alberta than Albertans!  It was compounded by  the Lawyers in Edmonton who explained they had not tried to hire Albertans.

They have froze University  funding at 1986 levels forcing up tuition.  Dr. Sherman says he will eliminate or reduce tuition in this province to make university available to anyone who has the marks!

This is a stark difference from the Conservative who cut support for University at the high school level forcing 2 generations of kids into trade schools while hiring our degrees from across the ocean.  This is simply wrong!

That is neither the WRP or Cons plan to change anything!
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