Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Alberta Election 2012 - What costs?

I'm very sure we cannot afford to vote for either the PCs or the WRP!

Eastern press is warming  up water exports.  Their papers are floating  the idea we will pay 1000.00 per month for our water use!    Raj and the Liberals say they will pull the water allotments back into the provincial ownership. 

For the past 10 years the Cons (some of them now in WR flock) have given oil companies twice and three times the water allotments they asked for.  Now,those same companies are selling the excess back to communities the most recent being a 1 million dollar purchase by the town so they could have drinking water!

The Cons are pushing a NAFTA agreement on bulk water export. Under NAFTA rules we cannot charge the Americans more for water than we pay ourselves. So, up go the prices!  Under cons or WRP the profits end up in insider hands while the bills for the pipeline come to the taxpayers.

Not so well known however is NAFTA does not concern it's self with regional anomalies!  That is Alberta as a region does not have to increase water prices! If one industry took advantage over a US counter part NAFTA would be involved.

We are paying the highest electricity charges in Canada and the system is set so the Government can put up export lines into the tar sands at taxpayer expense.  Another hundred or so dollars a month out of your pocket.

Because they made a public display of stopping power line builds doesn't mean for a minuet they are not going to build them.  I am very sure they are!  They want a US market!

Our power-lines and generation was the Alberta Advantage; now it is gone!  Companies left Alberta for Ontario and Minnesota. Gone!

Raj and the Liberals say they will cap electricity charges!  This will allow you to work on a budget in your home; keep your lights on while opening the door to new business which both the WRP and Cons are against as it gives oil competition for the labor market.  As it is now oil and the Conservatives and WRP can run a 8% unemployed figure to discourage labor unrest.  Strike breaking its called. Of interest Lennon called capitalism Corporate Communism and it couldn't operate unless it had 10% unemployment.  His numbers are off but the idea remains true.     You cannot afford any more WRP/Cons good deals!

Redford and Smith are both talking building new clinics; a news grabber on something that means nothing to us. Whether it is 30 or 150 clinics, there are no physicians to staff them!  This is reminiscent of Lougheed elections where he pumped out prototypical hospitals every election, some of which never opened and caused remote people to take salary cuts because they were not considered isolated as they had a non functioning  hospital in their community.

It does however work for the Republican agenda!  Spend millions of taxpayer dollars on Clinics, sell the clinics to US health corporations for a hundred dollars who in turn will staff them, once a month for half a day.

The Health Authority can sell those clinics for any amount they want and they do not have to explain to anyone nor make a public disclosure!  This is what they do!

Raj and the Alberta Liberals will dismantle the Health Authority and go back to the local board system!  This puts the kill on private health care in Alberta and in Canada!

While you are budgeting your home,  set aside another 3000.00 a year for a private school in your neighborhood.  The Cons continue to build 3P financed schools that are too small for their neighborhood.  This means they will be overfilled in short order and families will be encouraged towards private schools for relief at many times the price for  public schooling.

3P financing means the title can be moved from one party to the next like any house that is financed.   Perhaps, depending on your luck you will have to move your kid to another school or trailer as the one they have been going to is now a private school.

Our kids that make it to university are doomed to debt that is near crippling between book costs and tuition.  We are paying the highest in Canada.  This is because the Cons/WRP want your kids in trade schools which are among the lowest priced in Canada!

It is very plain that neither of these parties want your kids to go to University!  Better they bask in the Ignorance of Danielle Smith who obviously finds comfort in Stockwell Day council.

Chances are very good you will not have the 6,000 to 10,000 dollars you need to put your kids into University for their first year!

Raj and the Alberta Liberals will work to reduce tuition or possibly even remove tuition making a secondary education a real possibility for every Albertan.

We cannot afford still another PC or WRP Government!

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