Monday, January 23, 2012

Alberta Heritage Savings and Trust fund - deliquent!

The Alberta Heritage and Trust Fund has been under financial attack by the ruling Conservatives for more than a dozen years!

In this time more than 160 billion dollars has been taken out of the fund, put into the Governments General Operating funds where it has been used like a petty cash account to pay everyday expenses!  They have admitted to only 90 billion dollars to date but the draw continues ongoing.

This represents 160,000 loss for every man woman and child in the province of Alberta!  Broke? Now, you know why!

Many of the politicians who started the maximum draw down have left the Conservative party and are now running for the Wild Rose Party; most as officers of the party.  Alberta can look for nothing better if they are allowed to succeed. 

Recently, they have been busted for stealing Alberta Government and municipal pension funds in their trust.  This is a new deal for them, they have been doing it for just a couple of years taking from the accounts held by AIMCO.  This theft is for 10 to 12 billion dollars  (10 or 12 thousands of dollars for every man woman and child in the province). 

AIMCo have posted a 8 billion dollar loss this year alone. This, at a time when other pension funds in Canada have appreciated by .5 %.  The Alberta Government is their only real customer.

One has to wonder where the RCMP are.  AIMCO is not Government and holds no other protection from prosecution so far as I know.

If Albertans do not vote in this coming election and settle on a party outside of the Conservative club, we will have absolutely nothing left!

In the interest of our jobs and industry, I will be supporting the Liberal Party of Alberta often referred to as Red Conservatives.

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