Saturday, January 28, 2012

Snelgrove Quits the Conservatives!

 There are a lot of stories being put out about how Snelgrove is unhappy with the leadership process and, that is why he is quitting.

This just doesn't make sense.  Why wait months, until prior to a new election to toss in the sponge?

I say that Snelgrove, burnt because he was the minister of finance when the theft of Alberta Pension Funds broke.  He had to wear the roses.  Then, Redford came up with a zero based accounting process for the new budget which does no consider any of the past histories and allows for a library of misrepresentations.

I'm pretty sure Snelgrove, a decent person took at look at the new scheme and said "NO!  NO MORE!" and dropped out of the club.
There have been about 10  high placed resignations to date and, there will be more before an election is called.

The Conservatives got their present grande majority with only 22% of the decided voters.  If the just half of the people who didn't vote showed up at the poles, there wouldn't be a conservative sitting!
If  you want a decent life in your province you have to get out there and vote when the time comes.  Nothing short of your vote is going to change anything!

In the interest of our industry, jobs and the well being of our families I am supporting the Liberals of Alberta. If your mind is not made up; join with me.
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