Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Alberta privitzed Health care; Funding for crooks and charletons.

Comment on the Journal blog is worth more than the story!
Llano wrote:
Networc Health = Health Resource Centre was deadheaded by Doc Stephen Miller who used to be head of orthopedic sugary at the FootHills Hospital.

Dr Stephen Miller owned Columbia Health which was the W.C.B. Dumping Ground to help injured workers to become better. You will see a tie into the PC Party if you go back and look at the staff and whom worked for Columbia Health. This then became Life Mark Health which is Canada wide, and a dumping ground for W.C.B. now it has become Networc Health is also Canada wide and established down in the USA. 

Now Networc Health also has "third party" doctors which in reality are paid by W.C.B.  

Now if you look into the relationship between Alberta Health, WCB, and Networc Health you will see an ugly group of people that provide services to down play injured workers injury's. 

You will see in all the Bone Wards across Alberta there are deep dark secrets that lye in the Bone graves which are not even recognizable as human rights are trampled day in and day out.   NOW,THAT'S THE STORY THAT NEEDS TO BE UN DUG and then you will see why the government ran from networc health. 
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