Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Alberta Royalty: Cash for crooks

Additional up-graders and plants are announced. This promises more revenue for more production coming into Alberta coffers. As revenues increase there will be further reductions in royalty and huge theater productions to sell it to the public.

Higher production means lower cash is required to maintain the status-quo. Being Conservative they are ploughing money into lower royalty; stuffing cash into the gas industry and have invented a big story to make it all seem reasonable.  The taxpayer will never see any part of these profits under this Government!

We have had the lowest royalty in the world to this point and it did nothing for the exploration!

The price of gas is way down! The gas companies are looking for money to make up lost revenue.  Alberta taxpayer is going to give it to them.

The Province is still spending at 1989 levels. This means Alberta has not put any more money into the coffers from previous increases.

As productions from various plants increase royalty will fall and there will be no additional funds pumped into Alberta coffers.  That is the history and the intent of this Government.

Any extra money into the Government comes from income taxes and user fees; not from the resource industry.

They are robbing this province blind and voters just won't get their heads around that fact!

Any party elected is going to support the resource industry but there will also be a good chance to bring on additional industry under a different party.

The Wild Rose Party are even more right wing that the Stelmach crew.  In their simplistic world Obama is a socialist and snakes at a service to prove your Christianity just makes good sense.

I will be supporting the Liberals as being my choice for a reasonable business driven party.
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