Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Alberta Wild Rose Party cripples into the media.

In this press release Danielle Smith to do what, I am not sure.  It does however point out her positions on a lot of things which you should be very concerned about.  Her figures are good and items such as the Oilsands Development benefits all Canadians (and Americans) is true.

She is saying however that Albertans should expect no more than a job and the income tax revenues that come from this development.   At no point does she suggest we should get away from the lowest royalty prices in the world which causes every Albertan to contribute to the oil companies, not the other way around.

She is quick to recognize the cap and trade program is not in Canada or Alberta's favor and would bring about a major economic shock to Canada and Alberta.  I go a step further by saying if it is implemented in a big way it will result in the next "bubble" to burst in economies as most the carbon dioxide is returned to the surface with the the scarfed oil.   How many times are you going to pay to put it down a hole??

The WRP corner stone of doing away with the Balance of payments is unchanged but the english has softened.  She likens Quebec to Greece which is legitimate and the outright inequities of the balance of payments plan is properly challenged.

She is saying our schools, universities and health care are all suffering because of the balance of payments which is really out on a right wing limb.

As the Alberta Liberals pointed out our spending has not changed since 1986.  The doom and gloom scenarios by the Conservatives are nothing less than spin doctoring. Smith is picking up on this and doing some spinning on her own pointing us to hate the Feds again.

I can almost hear Jim Dinning and the Oil Companies whispering in her ear "Danielle, if you can rip off the balance of payments and put them into still further reduced royalty, we will buy you elections for your lifetime"

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