Friday, March 12, 2010

Oil Investment funds - pay attention!

Alberta has resisted the overtures of the Fed to have a Federal Security Commission in Alberta.  The fiasco of oil royalty is just one reason why they want a closed club.

People investing in the oil industry will take much of their leads from Government releases. 

What happens to your investment when the Government lies publicly about those same investments?

To get elected they put out a nonsense sheet about oil royalty that would have you believe the oil companies were going to loose their shirts.  That was the public information.  In private, they never applied any of the royalty figures; it was business as usual.  If you sold your stock based on the public information; you got hooped.

It goes on and on.  Their public positions have nothing to do with the reality of what they are doing in relation to the oil companies.  Likewise their adventures into stock.   For what purpose?  Where does the money go?  How is it accounted for?  What are your returns based on.

My guess would be the money taken on bonds is dumped into General Revenues to be used along with everything else.  You would get the guaranteed interest but, would you invest if you knew you were investing in a slush fund?
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