Thursday, March 04, 2010

Alberta Privitzation About Conservative dogma, Not Money, Not service.

The average voter like myself has paid health care premiums for over 45 years and most of us have

never used it, We still pay 30% out of pocket for services not covered by health care, while the

younger generation that are statistically bigger users of hospitals are paying nothing toward their

possible future health care.

I would cheerfully pay premiums like we did knowing that it is the younger generation that are big

users of expensive treatments. Their research is in contrast to research done by Australian

economist Ian McCauley, Australian journalist Jan Li, Donna Wilson from the U of A, and Ontario

Ceo’s, Murray Martin and Cliff Nordal “ A Visit Down Under” as well as research done by Harvard.

For example, every Albertan admitted to an institution is accurately documented. That is fact.

Alberta is chronologically the youngest province in Canada.

Of all Albertans admitted to hospital, 76.4% were under the age of 65.

Babies under a year were the most common.

The average age of hospitalized patients was 39.5 years with half of those being under the age of

36 years. These are not baby boomers.

Only 10.7% are 65 years or older and 16.4% of the elderly admitted to hospital died as compared to

3.3% of other patients.

Over half of the patients admitted to Intensive Care were younger patients who had more done to

them and stayed in ICU longer, the most expensive hospital service.

These stats were checked three times for accuracy.

Please remind me that it was not the economists with their know it all who put our world into a


Submitted by Darlene a former health care professional.
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