Friday, March 12, 2010

Alberta cuts oil and gas royalities

This announcement is a farce!  Alberta never, ever initiated the "new royalty regime".  That was an
empty document;a lie to get them elected last time.   This is really no different than them working with the oil companies to propel the NEP farce!

2 years after the election the AG in Alberta bounced the Government because they had failed to reach their targeted 19% royalty.   After that time the minster stated publicly there would be no new rates put in, in the foreseeable future and the AG had no right to look into royalties.

The oil companies are picking up the brass and the drums now to lend credibility to an election bungle saying
they may stay, things will improve and other spin doctoring.  This is a grand theater, nothing more.

The mentioned reductions take place in the scale where Alberta has never ever received any cash!  In writing of the reduced number of rigs they fail to mention most rigs are into directional drilling now.   1/10th of the rigs are required to do the same job! 

Run after a taxi and you save more money than when you chase a bus!

We still collect less than 1/2 of what BC or Saskatchewan does!  What is there to cut?  We are presently paying them to take the stuff out of the province and the Wild Rose Party, financed by the same oil companies promise more of the same.

The Conservatives do not think this  province is entitled to anything more than a lease on the land and income taxes, on par with the US Republicans.

This rip off  isn't going to change any time soon unless Albertans step away from the Conservative vote or, those people who though their vote would not mean anything will step up to the plate and vote.

The royalty announcement isn't even chewing gum for the mind!  It is not just cheap theater; It is perpetrating blatant lies.
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