Tuesday, December 08, 2009


The Calgary Herald remains tightly controlled, to the point of being worthless as a news source!

Articles of policy proposals are seldom left open to comment, regardless of how bizarre or confrontational those same articles are.

When a Conservative ploy is so obviously a ploy and they try to run with it the public will call it what it is. Crap for a number of reasons.

This is where the next level of control comes in. When most of the comments are critical of the story the Herald puts up the first half dozen tame comments then, hold all the rest until some time after the story is closed. Then, a person will have to hit a tab to see "all" the comments that were withheld earlier or on the previous day.

As a Conservative rag this same paper will often cut the article and republish it under a new link in order to separate the story from adverse comment.

As a newspaper the Calgary Herald is a low a piece of information as is out there. It is not in most cases worth opening the page of it.
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